a radically new product for clarinet players of all levels and styles

Claripatch is successfully used by

  • soloists, chamber music and orchestra players
  • jazz and folk music players
  • teachers and professional students
  • pupils and band players

Claripatch is a great teaching aid as it helps develop and expand the fundamentals of clarinet playing.

Claripatch is designed and manufactured in Switzerland with the highest precision.

Claripatch modifies the curvature of the mouthpiece by 2-5 one-hundredths of a millimetre with a degree of accuracy of ±2 microns. Claripatch is made of a non-toxic, food compatible and very resistant material also used in aerospace construction.

The lifespan of Claripatch is similar to that of a clarinet mouthpiece. Wear and tear should be considered with regard to periodical replacement of Claripatch (about 2 years).

Claripatch is protected by pending patents and by a registered trademark.

„all my pupils use claripatch and I am very satisfied with the result. Claripatch made my life much easier. When teaching a pupil who plays a reed which is too soft, the correction is made in less that a minute, the sound of the pupil becomes acceptable and we can move on to other issues“

(Clarinet Teacher)

reed interface
flexible curvature
for all styles and levels
pro / junior
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for the creative clarinetist

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