the interface between reed and mouthpiece creates a completely new concept of clarinet playing

Claripatch is a very thin and reusable aluminium coated plastic patch available in
8 different shapes and thicknesses. The lifespan of Claripatch is similar to that of a clarinet mouthpiece.

Claripatch is placed between the reed and the mouthpiece.

Each Claripatch is designed to solve a specific problem of the clarinet reed.

By placing two identical or two different types of Claripatch on top of each other, the effect of each individual Claripatch can be significantly augmented.

Claripatch is designed to improve the performance of

  • a new or an ageing reed
  • a reed which is too hard or too weak
  • a reed sounding too bright or sounding too woolly
  • a reed being too wet or having lost its support.

Claripatch will improve the emission of the staccato and of very soft sounds.

“What a relief I got with claripatch!”
(Soloist and chamber music player)


reed interface
flexible curvature
for all styles and levels
pro / junior
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instructions for use
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for the creative clarinetist

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